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Im not familiar with zm, so I wont edit the main wiki, but the rpm install of zm 1.24.2 for suse 11.3 was a bit different:

I used the one click install. It offered the preselected zm repo and other unselected repos. I selected one of the packman repos, too, so that dependencies could be resolved (iirc without it, a perl zip module was missing).

  1. I configured /etc/zm.conf with a different user name but discovered, that is not possible. Leave it as zm_admin or the next step will fail.
  2. The zminit command was not found. I used zm_database_init instead. And this seems to need user zm_admin:
# zm_database_init
INFO: when db is correctly installed and you just reinstalled rpm, then answer all questions with 'n' 
new install create db
run mysql command to create db as user root? [Y/n]: 
enter mysql root password: 

generated/updated ~/.my.cnf
create user zm_admin for zoneminder? [Y/n]: 
Enter new passwd for user zm_admin: 

retype password: 

should the config file updated with the new passwd? [Y/n]: 
removing lock file 

I did the remaining tasks (activate apache2 and zm in runlevel 3 and 5, etc.) with yast gui.

Maybe the changes are not distro specific but due to newer zm release. If someone with mandrake and fedora knowledge confirms this, it could be copied to the main wiki...


Having gone 'aptitude -y install zoneminder', not having yet gone to the wiki, in coming to, hit support, then documentation, I get to a very substantive page. Thank you. Since I'm already 'installed', I hit the link for Tutorial.

Which starts with 'What you see now.'

Well, I don't see anything now.

Could this section be changed to something like ... (if you haven't already) start up your web browser and go to {somewhere}. Then continue with 'What you see now' ...

I RIKE it! Thank you!

> Non-Bugs

> Yes, those are tabs in the indents; I like tabs so don't go changing them to spaces please.
> Also, yes I like my opening braces on their own line most of the time, what's the point of brackets that don't line up?
Ditto! (Collapsible, even.)
> Everything else that isn't definitely broken is probably deliberate, or was once anyway.

Thank you for this document, and especially this particular bits.

--Bs27975 (talk) 17:07, 16 May 2013 (BST)