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Source type: Remote
Remote Host Name: IP Address of Camera
Remote Host Port: 80 (Default) or the non-default port assigned to the camera in your network
Remote Host Path: /video2.mjpg

The camera can be configured to provide two video streams within the camera's configuration web page (http://<camera-ip>/setup/audiovideo.html). The above example connects to stream 2, which is configured on the camera as JPEG mode. Be sure that the frame size indicated on the camera configuration matches that in the ZoneMinder configuration. Frame rate is dependent on ambient lighting conditions, and is typically 20fps for nominal indoor ambient lighting and as high as 40fps outdoors.


This camera works pretty good once you use Internet Explorer to configure it (lots of ActiveX). Set Remote Host Path to /Jpeg/CamImg.jpg


Source type: Remote
Method: RTP/Unicast
Remote Host Name: IP Address of Camera
Remote Host Port: 554
Remote Host Path: /live.sdp
Resolution= 1280x800

This camera's web interface may not work on your browser and without lots of tomfoolery you're stuck at 30fps 1280X800 and it takes a little more CPU than my other cameras.

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