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Wgcc 4mp poe ip camera.jpg

WGCC Dome POE IP Camera Onvif 4MP 2.8mm Wide Angle IP Exterior Camera Indoor Outdoor Wired PoE Network Camera with 98ft Security IR Night Vision, Remote Viewing, IP67 Waterproof


I have this camera set up with ZoneMinder 1.34.0

  • Source Type: ffmpeg
  • Source Path: rtsp://[camera's IP]:554 (I turned off the security on the camera, but with it on it would be rtsp://admin:admin@[camera's IP]:554)
  • Method: TCP
  • Capture Resolution: 1920x1080 (I also changed this in the camera's settings. It worked fine at 4MP but I didn't need that high of resolution)

This is my first camera and experience with ZoneMinder. The default zone definition was not catching motion. I changed the units from percent to pixels and minimum alarm area to 10,000 pixels (out of 2228840 total in my alarm area). This is perfect. Absolutely 0 false alarms and no missed motion that I care about (detects my 30 lb dog at 50 ft).

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