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http://www.x-vision.co.uk/ had some cameras wich we bought and they tested fine with ZM.

We tested the X104S (you cant use the pan and tilt from ZM) and the X100T.

Both setups exactly the same. Just choose ffmpeg as the source type and the source path is something like:


Works fine.


X720B is not compatible.

The X720B requires credentials to connect. Connecting via VLC works with the following path:


No combination of the settings and credentials work in Zoneminder.

I eventually got working: XC1080BAP (bullet) XC1080VP (dome) using these settings on zoneminder V1.30.4

 Source Type: FFMPEG
 Source tab -
 Source Path: rtsp://user:password@<ipaddress>/ch01.264 
 remote: TCP, 
 no options, 
 colourspace: 24 bit colour, 
 capture width: 1920 
 capture height: 1080, 
 orientation: normal, 
 deinterlacing: disabled
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