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Note: ZMLarch_svn_2872_1.iso got out the door with a permissions problem that prevents email and other filters working It can be fixed with "sudo chmod 755 /usr/lib/zm/bin/"

Configuring zoneminder on ZMLarch to send email and/or sms alerts is basically the same as on any other zoneminder installation, with the following exception.

If NEW_MAIL_MODULES is not selected in the Options tab, zoneminder uses the commandline utility "email" rather than the MIME::Entity perl module. This enables zoneminder to work with an SMTP host that requires authentication and encryption such as

To configure and test "email" you must edit /etc/email/email.conf. See 'man email' for details. After entering the required values in email.conf you can test it from a commandline terminal.

There is a video demonstration of testing this function here:

Zoneminder will use the values in EMAIL_HOST, ZM_FROM_EMAIL and ZM_EMAIL_ADDRESS from the configuration database. The values for SMTP_AUTH, SMTP_AUTH_USER, and SMTP_AUTH_PASS are pulled from /etc/email/email.conf

If NEW_MAIL_MODULES is selected the standard zoneminder functions are used.

No MTA is installed on ZMLarch. Postfix is easy to install if you have a need to run a mail server on your zoneminder installation. If you do this and can manage the configuration proccess then you can use zoneminder with it by setting EMAIL_HOST to the default 'localhost'.