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This is an continuation of Dedicated SBC Camera Monitor. The tips here are for a Desktop that will use Firefox to monitor > 1 camera streams at once, but otherwise uses the earlier guide. There are some differences.


How to watch > 6 Monitors

Firefox is the easiest to setup here. It's not known how to configure other browsers for > 6 monitors.

# apt-get install firefox-esr

Then see: Dummies Guide - Notes

How to load firefox in full screen by default

The best add-on for this I've found is mFull. It can be configured to load full screen, and to remove or autohide the toolbars and navigation bar. There is also RKiosk but this disables all keys and is not needed in my scenario. I've seen some strange behavior with this plugin. On some machines it works and on other machines it will not work. Your guess is as good as mine.

Note this addon was used in Firefox 52 or earlier.

I loaded dwm but firefox isn't anywhere?

Sometimes firefox will load on workspace 9 in dwm. Remove all other workspaces (config.h, tags) and firefox will load on the first workspace.

What to install from Devuan iso?

You should already know this. Standard system utilities and SSH server. Do not install any DE. Do not use automated install which will install DE if you miss pressing a button in time.

Shutdown machine automatically?

# nano /etc/crontab
00 18 * * * root /sbin/poweroff

The problem is you need full path to poweroff or shutdown -h now. If you are on a separate lan, you may need to use ntp and query some local ntp server, if RTC is off.

Refresh Screen Periodically?

Reload every can be set in about:config to reload all new tabs at a specified interval (add on). Set new tabs to autoreload. Set interval, then add the monitor tab, restart and if done correctly, the tab should refresh periodically. However, I recommend this guide.