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The following pages cover Single Board Computers with Zoneminder.

Traditionally, these are ARM based; The Raspberry Pi, The Beaglebone, and others. For those not experienced with ARM these devices perform at level below an x86 based motherboard, yet offer lower power consumption and purchase cost. When using an ARM board, it is recommended to run cameras at lower resolutions (e.g. 640x480 or 800x600), and lower frame rates. Additionally, zones should be smaller, as analysis of motion will use up CPU. Alternatively, you can avoid Modect and Mocord and use Record.

Single Board Computers (ARM) work well for a small home setup, or as an adjunct to a larger camera system. For large camera systems, they are not usually powerful enough.


There are at least three ways an SBC can be used with ZM (this also applies to any computer...)

  • ZM server
  • ZM client (viewing ZM and displaying feeds on a monitor)
  • Camera (attached via usb or other peripheral)


As Server

  • Z83 II , Intel Atom X5-Z8350, runs well with 75-85 % Usage @ 10 fps, 4 HD-cams and motion detection

As Client

As Camera

General Tips

  • Disable all logging and any data collection (RECORD_EVENT_STATS - See Logging tab) on ARM boards if you are running a flash based HD.

If load is high or cameras don't seem to work lower the following:

  • Resolution
  • FPS (on camera only)
  • Analysis zone size or change from Mocord to Record.
  • Limit analysis FPS (motion detection uses the most CPU)

GPU Memory

User from the forum reports that adjusting GPU memory will improve RPI4 performance with ZM.

piflipper:  I had the same issue, to solve it I upped the GPU memory to 512MB, via raspi-config and everything started working. Now have 3 cameras working without any issues.

fatboy: Working *great* now! Increase GPU memory: /boot/config.txt - gpu_mem=512

RPI Image for ZM

There is a pre-made RPI image for Zoneminder at Based on Raspbian Lite, and tested on RPI3b.

Only adjustment needed may be to increase GPU_MEM slightly.

Hardware h264


Zoneminder Blogspot - Notes on Various Single Board Computers