KesCom PG104

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The KesCom PG104 is similar to the Pico2000, but uses a Techwell TW6805A chip.


To use this capture card you need to compile the driver. For Ubuntu Server 12.04.03 LTS with 3.8 kernel the source can be found at [[1]].

sudo apt-get install git
sudo apt-get install build-essential
mkdir techwell
cd techwell
git clone git://
cd smokeyjoness-tw68-v2
sudo make install
sudo modprobe tw68

After compiling and "loading" the tw68 modules, you need to check that the modules are actually loaded (lsmod|grep tw). You should have the following output:

~$ lsmod |grep tw
tw68                   44633  2 
videodev               86588  3 tw68
videobuf_dma_sg        18786  1 tw68
videobuf_core          25409  2 tw68,videobuf_dma_sg
btcx_risc              13400  1 tw68

Issuing the dmesg command, you should see a "video device" found, labeled /dev/video0. This video device has channels from 0 to 3 for the 4 inputs.