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voronwe ZM Frontend - Alternate web front end, with enhanced cron/calender integration.

zms-inetd -- Inetd-wrapper for ZMS (Zoneminder Streaming Server), makes ZMS work "standalone"

ViewMAX - a quasi-branch of ZoneMinder, new interface and some added/modified functions


MythZoneMinder - a ZoneMinder plugin for MythTV to enable viewing ZM status, monitors, and events

MuninPlugins - Munin plugins, in order to monitor your CCTV system.

FreevoPlugin - a ZoneMinder plugin for Freevo to enable viewing live streams and events.

zmxap - an xAP connector (to/from home automation applications


jpeg SIMD - Increases efficiency of reading and manipulation of jpegs

Motion Detection - a way to make zoneminder learn about the camera image to avoid false alarms

AxisMotionDetection - a way to make zoneminder use on camera motion detection on some axis cams

[1] - use zm with motion

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