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Cam Utilities

ICamViewProxy - C++ application to provide a proxy between ICamView and ZoneMinder, portable C++, Windows, Linux, Mac etc...

ICamviewRelay - a small app that allows the ICamview to be used with ZM

intellinet550-relay - a small daemon that allows old Intellinet IP cameras (550550) to be used with ZM. It can also be used to improve frame rate for new (550710) Intellinet IP camera model.

Vpipe - how to get mpeg4 (and any other non-mjpeg) ip cam working with ZoneMinder(Unneeded as of zoneminder 1.24.0)

vtek-ptz - Perl based web interface for controlling Vivotek PZ7132 PTZ camera. (May work with other Vivotek/4XEM cameras.)

ONVIF Device Manager - An open source tool to probe newer ONVIF compliant cameras to get and change settings. I have had success getting cameras to work when the company would not give up the info I needed. Tool will automatically scan for cameras or can be set manually. You may need to know the port the camera uses for ONVIF (two I've discovered are 888 and 1018).

Zmodopipe C program which will pull an h264 stream from supported dvrs and provide as a named pipe usable by ZoneMinder or ffmpeg.

File maintenance utilities

FTP prune - A perl command line script to prune a remote FTP archive of events. Deletes oldest files first, with several options

ZMarchive - A python script to relocate events to another mounted location. Events are selected by specifying "days ago".