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Installation Procedure

Official install guides

Ubuntu specific guides (currently more updated than official guides)

Debian specific guides

Common problems migrating from old versions to new versions

API installation/validation guide- (use the link above first, if you face problems, refer to this link)

Using a dedicated Hard Drive - Adding HDDs for more storage.

Single Board Computers - Notes for ARM devices.

Email - Getting notifications when alerts occur.


Beginner hardware

Supported distributions

Hardware Compatibility List

MobileDevices - View ZM from your phone.

Third party

smart-zoneminder - Fast upload of ZoneMinder alarms to S3 where they are analyzed by Rekognition and made accessible via Alexa.

Flash's IP Camera Database


Embed any IP Camera in website and webpages securely - Free, many options. Includes many live examples.

Standalone Zm Frontends

Zonerama - Merges multiple monitors into one and supports video creation.

IpCamMontage Ip Camera Montage - remove the user viewing load from the server for IP Camera setups.


Infrared Leds, Cameras, DC-DC converters etc


Video Recorders running ZM

External resources of information related to ZM

Community documentation

How To

Miscellaneous helpful hints

Hardware specific tips

Various Learnings from getting Zomeminder 1.28.1 working well on Ubuntu Server 14.04

Dummies Guide


Area Specific Laws

California Report on Public Video Surveillance