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Zoneminder will work with almost any capture card that is supported by the linux kernel. You may find additional details about supported hardware in the part of the forums. Also if you find something in the forums that is missing from the wiki ADD IT.


Capture Cards



Camsecure PCI Express video capture


Geovision GV250 - bt878a chip

Grandtec Grand X Guard


Howell-Tempest VC 878B-Q

Ituner Spectra 8

Kodicom 4400r

Kodicom 8800

Tungson TE-8008

Leadtek WinFast VC 100 - the cheapest bt878 model with no tuner on it, just Com/Svideo in.

LinkDelight CCTV H.264 4CH DVR Card

Linux Media Labs LMLBT44

Osprey 100

Provideo PV- series (Bluecherry) Bluecherry - BC-H16480A TView 95/99

UDP Technology NCP3200v2

Videocards with Philips saa7134 chipset

WinFast TV2000 XP

Rapid OS

KesCom PG104

IEI Technology Corp. IVC-268G-R20

bt8x8 Cards

A note on the bt8x8-based TV-tuner cards: these usually have beside the tuner input, also a Composite and an S-Video input. You can hook up 2 analog cameras to these, and access from ZoneMinder both of them as individual cameras, at max 15Fps. You don't need two separate TV cards for two cameras!

Pico2000 - 4 port card, one chip bt878, around 2 fps when using all channels

Bt878_4chip_8inputs -4 chips bt878, 8 inputs, around 5 fps when using 2 inputs per chip

bt878 8 chip 8 input - This card is supplied with D-sub to 8 BNC connector and uses the bt878 chip for each input allowing full frame rates and quality. See Kodicom 8800 for more information.

Geovision GV250 bt878a single chip 4 inputs - This capture Card is supplied with 4 video inputs but with NO audio channel

Most other BTTV (bt878, bt848) cards, see /usr/src/linux/Documentation/video4linux/bttv/CARDLIST on your system for a list of some of them.

Analog Cameras

Any regular composite or S-video camera connected via a supported capture card. Some analog cameras feature camera control - ZM supports several of these camera's Pan/Tilt/Zoom functions via serial port control, as well as camera Presets, Focus, Iris, etc.

Network Cameras

For Network Cams to work they need to be able to stream MJPEG without the requirement of activex controls. If you see the requirement for the camera calls for IE then there is a good chance it may not work. The other option is to grab JPEG images if the camera supports that option which will work but at a lower frame rate.

Any network camera that allows access to single JPEG image grabs or some but not all multi-part JPEG feeds.

Full Compatibility

  • Apexis most if not all (only tested some)
  • Dahua (IPC-HDB3200C, probably others)
  • DBPower (H.264 Model, possibly others)
  • EasyN (Mini Speed Dome 1BF)
  • Foscam (FI8908W, FI8904W, possibly others)
  • Grandstream Grandstream (GXV-3672-FHD & GXV-3672-FHD-36 & GXV3611_HD tested)
  • Instar (IN-2905, possibly others)
  • Keekoon KK002 (KK001 and 3 are probably the same)
  • Linksys WVC-210 / WVC2300 / PVC2300 / WVC54GC
  • Maygion (IP-603, IP-604, possibly others)
  • Messoa (NCR870, probably others)
  • x-vision Xvision cameras by y3k (some)

  • Remote systems, themselves running zoneminder, can be accessed as cameras using the Remote Path of /cgi-bin/nph-zms?mode=single&monitor=1&scale=100&maxfps=5&buffer=1000 - where the monitor number is the correct camera on the remote system.

Single Jpeg Only

Mpeg(ver1.24.0 and up)

Compatible with modifications

Compatible with problems

  • Compro IP70. MPEG4 only, some reliability issues and general poor firmware quality.
  • Grandtec WLAN Camera WiFi or III - acceptable indoor quality, no infrared-filter (better nightvision) cheap!
  • OvisLink AirLive WL-5400CAM

Useful link: Flash's IP Camera Database, with Zoneminder compatibility guide: http://digdilem.org/cameras

Network Digitizers

Like Network Cameras, these devices produce a video stream - but they accept an analog video input from a camera or other video source.

  • Synectics E100 encoder
  • The Aviosys IP9100, Models A, B and Plus has four analog video inputs. It produces a ZM compatible video stream from one of the inputs, which is selectable via an HTTP GET command. There might even be a control script for ZM that lets you select the active video input using ZM's Camera Control Presets!

With the yoics Aviosys 9100 firmware at http://www.yoics.com/?p=28, ZoneMinder can directly access all four ports via /usr/yoicsX.jpg as the remote host path, where X is 0 - 3.

USB Cameras

  • Just Zoom USB cam
  • Creative Webcam Pro, Webcam 3, LIVE! Cam OPTIA PRO (V4L2, Chan 0, PAL, YUYV)
  • Logitech Quickcam Orbit/Sphere (experimental basic pan/tilt control has also published for testing and hacking [2])
  • Any OV511 based USB camera [3]
  • Any CPIA based USB camera [4]
  • Confirmed basic functionality with Microsoft Lifecam VX 5000 using UVC Streaming method

Note that most USB cameras that can use Video4Linux/V4L2, and so can be used by ZoneMinder. Some have older chipsets and can be hard to find new.

Note that PWC drivers are not included in the kernel. Some distribution's add them in and other may not. Here are some relevant links:

X10 Devices

The only device that really needs to be compatable with ZM is the Transceiver, all other x10 devices comunicate through that device.

  • CM11 Bi-Directional Transceiver

Other X10 notes:

Topic 6423

Topic 7082

All other hardware as supported by Linux

To find out if your hardware is supported, check the HCL

Plug Computers

Guruplug Server Plus -> How to install Zoneminder

Raspberry Pi - Raspbian

ZM 1.25 is already in Raspbian. Newer development packages are available.

You will want libjpeg-turbo from the following repository by adding to your /etc/apt/sources.list

deb http://zarrenspry.info/repos/apt/raspbian testing main deb-src http://zarrenspry.info/repos/apt/raspbian testing main

Add gpg by

wget -O - http://zarrenspry.info/zarrenspry.gpg.key%7Capt-key add -

apt-get install libturbojpeg8 libturbojpeg8-dev

If using the Pi camera, you will need to enable it in raspi-config as well as loading the v4l2 kernel module by adding the following to your /etc/modules


Although the camera will can capture high res, you don't have enough RAM currently to do so. Especially if you have the early 256MB model. So ust stick to 640x480.

You should be able to get around 20fps, but if you do anything involving the CPU you will get underruns.

Raspberry Pi 2 - Fedora

The latest version of ZoneMinder is available for the Raspberry Pi 2 when running Fedora. Browse to the zmrepo site for installation instructions: https://zmrepo.zoneminder.com/

Raspberry Pi 2 - Raspbian

Installed fine from packages as found in instructions in other locations.

Five Dahua HFW-4300S cameras resulted in a load of 13+, running at reasonably 720x576 capture. Nothing I could do seemed to save this attempted project. Switched to Ordoid XU4, see below.

Odroid - XU4 - Ubuntu Mate

Installed Zoneminder via Ubuntu package and then upgraded to 1.29.0 without issue. Five Dahua HFW-4300S cameras running at 720x576 as FFMPEG results in a system load of around 2-3, so not too bad. System running several other always on systems, but Zoneminder consumes most the CPU. No local storage, used QNAP as dedicated image/events storage. Compiled libjpeg-turbo and that reduced CPU a little, not a lot.